Contingent recruitment can be a cost effective method, allowing you to keep your options open when trying to find the right person for your business. By engaging Arrow Recruitment on a contingent search, we will only collect a fee if we find and place a suitable candidate for your role. 

The one drawback of Contingent Recruitment is that often recruiters will be working in competition with other contingency firms for the placement. This can lead to shortcuts and a failure to do the necessary due diligence as it becomes a CV race.

We advise using a contingent search when a role needs to be filled immediately, or for temporary requirements.


A Retained Search will allow Arrow Recruitment to partner with your business on an exclusive basis giving you the best chance of securing the best available talent.

This methodology allows us to work closely with you to get a better understanding of the role and requirements. We will conduct a rigorous search of active and passive candidates to provide a shortlist of generally three to five candidates to be interviewed.

Fees are payable in three equal instalments; firstly a retainer up front on acceptance of the assignment, secondly on provision of a short list of candidates to you, and finally the balance once a successful placement has been made.

This method can save you considerable time and money whilst providing a higher quality service. We will generally recommend using a Retained Search for senior level roles, and difficult to fill positions.

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